Plastic Salad Bowls (PET & rPET)

Plastic PET and rPET containers are always very popular with customers in food industry, specially in catering where can be used as salad bowls, for side dishes and dips, in fast food objects for big vegetable and fruit meals and in bakeries for cakes. All products in our cold dish assortment are made from PET or rPET material which makes them ecologically acceptable. High level of material and production quality provide tempting presentation and safe transport.

Features of PET and rPET food packaging:

  • used for serving and delivery of vegetable and fruit salads, side dishes, dips and cakes
  • used for solid and liquid ingredients
  • suitable for use in 0°C-60°C
  • durability and scratch resistance
  • oil and fat resistance
  • transparency allows attractive meal presentation
  • recyclable or can be made from a certain amount of recyclable material (Rpet)

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